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Haha! That was pretty funny. Thanks for sharing. :)


This is so serious; it was great to have some light heartedness soothe my very wounded soul. Encounters with complimentarians are just not worth the pain and I am tired of dealing with defensive, biased controlling males who continue to insult Christ who is IN ME and suppress the work HE has called me to. (All of Colossians chapter 2- In Christ we are complete lacking nothing.)

I plan to shun such people and seek like minded Christians instead.


Hey there! Liked this posting :)

I find the best way to start is to include, in some way at least, the word penis. Not vulgar yet shocking enough to grab attention and make people listen. For example: "Why do you think God requires a penis on all of His pastors? And what beenfit does having a penis give to his preaching and teaching that he would lack if lacking a penis?"

Genitals works well too, but I prefer penis due to its unmistakeableness (genitals can sound like, umm, lunchables, generals, gastroenterolgical, etc.)

I am starting a friendly debate on the topic at TheologyOnLine. Feel free to contribute dear :)


Quinn Olinger

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